MLM company is the latest casualty in India’s drug war

The latest casualty of the drug war in India, according to an MLM news report published on Wednesday, is a Bangalore-based company that sells “virtual reality” technology to its clients.

In a report titled MLM Company News Report, the Economic Times said a “new generation” of virtual reality technology had emerged.

The report said the technology had been developed at an Indian startup called “Rokusai”.

Rokusa has been operating in India since the end of 2013.

The ETP said in a statement that “Rokuusai’s” technology was being used in the country to help in the treatment of the Ebola virus outbreak.

The company was registered in the US in 2013 and has a number of offices in India.

In February, a report from the Economic and Political Weekly, an online newspaper, said that the Rokusesai software was being licensed to a group of Indian companies to provide the technology for virtual reality treatment in the Indian state of Kerala.

Rokushin, a Bangalore based company that has a long history in India as a supplier of virtual-reality software, has been active in the region for over a decade.

In the ETP report, the company was cited as saying it was currently in discussions with companies in India for virtual-recreation and virtual-entertainment treatment.

ROKUSAI’s CEO, Shri Gyanesh Agrawal, told the EDP that it was trying to be in a position to provide VR treatment in India in the near future.

“It will be soon,” he said.

“We are looking at how to help these companies in their development.”

According to a 2013 report from Business Insider, a tech news website, Rokoshin is one of the top 10 companies that offer virtual reality software to companies in the Middle East and Africa.

The firm said in the report that it offers its software through a joint venture with an Indian firm called Rokshan, which is licensed to the state of Gujarat, and a third company, known as Rokuss.

The joint venture said it would provide virtual reality virtual reality and entertainment treatment for the state’s healthcare facilities.

In August, ROKusai said it had received approval to build a VR treatment facility at a private school in Mumbai.

In an emailed statement, Rokausai denied the report and said it was “furious” with the EPT report and its “anti-India” statements.

Rokauss said it has been working with the state government of Gujarat since 2014 and has had no dealings with Roklusai.

Roksusai is a subsidiary of Rokuzh, a company that is the largest Indian software provider.

The name of the company has changed a number on several occasions, but the ETS report does not name the company as Rokaust, the name of its founder and CEO.

RKSS-CNT, a division of the state-owned insurance giant Niti Aayog, has also denied any involvement in virtual reality.

In July, Niti and Rokauzh filed a complaint with the High Court alleging that Niti had a conflict of interest over the virtual-gaming company, which was being owned by Rokausk.

The High Court had earlier asked Niti to lodge a response to the complaint.

RkSS- CNT had filed a counter-proposal with the court on July 23, saying it would “not be able to provide its services to any VR application for its clients” due to the “political climate in India”.

The ETS article did not identify the companies or the countries in which Rokosai is operating.

The Indian government is looking into whether virtual reality is an issue in the drug trade.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced plans to ban virtual reality, citing the threat to public health and the “threat to the environment” from the technology.

India is a major exporter of virtual gaming technology, and the country has become a hub for the production of VR games.

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