How to save your life from a million dollar death: A friend’s life insurance story

How to read this article, the answer is in the title.

It’s a life insurance company that has saved countless lives.

The company’s founder, Dr Gopinath Bhaskar, said he had decided to take a risk on the business after his friend, Gajendra, a pharmacist in Hyderabad, died after falling from a moving car.

“He was travelling in a car, and we all saw him fall,” said Bhasker.

“I decided to give him an insurance policy.

It was my friend’s father. “

The first thing I did was write a letter to the insurance company.

It was my friend’s father.

She helped to run the business from her home. “

When I read it, I said, ‘I will make a big life insurance policy with my life’.” Dr Bhaskers wife, Veena, was a pharmacy graduate.

She helped to run the business from her home.

“It is a family business,” she said.

“We had a large pool of clients.

My father died just before I was born and my mother was an insurance agent.”

She said she had not heard of any other insurance company offering a life policy in India.

“A lot of people were not aware of it,” she added.

Dr Bhasks life insurance will cover any accident in which the body of the insured is involved, but he said the company did not have a policy in place for people who died on the way to work.

“There are some accidents, but I don’t think they are the most common,” he said.

The idea for the business came about after Dr Bhakar was asked to save his friend’s family’s life when they died in a falling car accident in Hyderabadi, India’s most populous state.

“In the car accident, we had a tyre rupture, and the car broke down.

The tyre burst and we lost the car,” said Dr Bhas.

I said ‘yes, I will go and see her’. “

On the way home, I was asked if I would go and check her condition.

I said ‘yes, I will go and see her’.

I saw her bleeding and had to do CPR.”

Dr Bhassars life insurance cover has saved thousands of lives in Hyderbadi.

He said it is a matter of common knowledge that the more people you save, the more likely you are to live to your 90s.

“People are getting older and there are a lot of deaths,” he added.

“But it is still important to do something to prevent these deaths.”

“It was a very difficult thing to take on and we did it with all our might,” he says.

“We were told that life insurance can cost more than the life itself, but it has not been true in our case,” he explained. “

This was not easy, but we did everything in our power to save this young life.”

“We were told that life insurance can cost more than the life itself, but it has not been true in our case,” he explained.

The life insurance coverage of Dr Bhashar and his family of six was paid for by a life-insurance policy, which is available to all employees of his company.

“One of the first things we had to think about was how we could ensure that the policy was in good shape.

We have a family policy.

If something happens to us in the business, we don’t have to worry about it,” he noted.

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