When the banks are on the phone, MLM scam stories start to surface

A recent story by The National was headlined: When the Banks are on a Phone.

And what are they calling the victims?

And how are they contacting the victims and their families?

MLM scams are often perpetrated by people who are just as clueless as the victims.

But there are also cases where they are being paid for services that they do not even know exist.

This article provides a short history of MLM fraud and a few tips on how to protect yourself. 

The National, on November 1, 2018, reported on a case in which a young woman had been tricked into having her body taken from her and put into a plastic bag, with instructions on how the money could be spent on a ‘drug of choice’ for her boyfriend, whom she was allegedly ‘hooking up’ with at the time. 

This is a typical scenario in which people are tricked into paying for products that they don’t want, often with the explicit intent to get the product for themselves.

The woman did not want the bag, and was being tricked into buying it.

It is a scam, and the money was never intended to go to the person who bought it.

 The story was accompanied by a graphic illustration that showed the woman’s body and a note that she was not interested in the ‘drug’ she was being sold.

The illustration did not explain the implications of this scenario for the woman, nor how she could tell if the bag was for her body, which is in fact her wallet.

It also did not mention that the bag contained a prescription medication for the drug, which she did not have. 

So what happened?

In this case, the woman was duped into having the body taken away, which meant she could not have any access to it.

The bag she had been given was empty, and she was still missing her wallet and phone.

The money was spent on drugs.

But the woman did, indeed, want the drugs.

She was being lured into this scam, by the fraudsters who were, in fact, telling her she could buy them with the money she was supposed to pay for them.

The scam was not about the money being for the drugs, but about getting the drugs for the man’s ‘hookup’.

It was not the scammer who was trying to buy drugs.

The man was the one who was getting the money, and it was the scammers who were trying to scam the woman into buying the drugs they were supposed to give her.

What is a ‘sham’?

When you are paying for services in a scheme that involves deception and deception is fraud, the word sham is used.

The word ‘shame’ is used as well.

In the words of the Australian Federal Police, ‘A scam is one that is intended to deceive or cause others to believe that it is the real thing, or that they have been duped by the person or organisation to whom they are paying.’ 

It is important to note that not all scams are perpetrated in the name of drugs.

There are plenty of cases where a scammer is selling services that do not involve drugs, such as buying a home or paying for a car.

The people who buy these services are often not really interested in paying for the services themselves.

They are instead paying to have the services delivered to them.

So, a scam that involves misrepresentation and deception, which may or may not involve the use of drugs, is a sham.

There is no such thing as a ‘legal’ MLM.

It can be perpetrated by anyone with a desire to make a quick buck, whether that is the fraudster, the person selling the services, or the person in charge of the scam. 

In this case it was not a scam.

A few weeks later, The National’s article on the ‘shaming’ of the woman by the ‘clients’ of her scam went viral.

The woman was still in shock, and her family had not contacted the police to inform them that she had left the house, but had instead contacted the woman herself. 

She was still distressed.

“She told me she had no idea how she was tricked into getting the bag,” said the woman.

“I asked her what had happened, and what she had bought.”

“What’s the deal?

What were you supposed to do with the bag?” she continued.

“She was very distressed.

I told her she needed to come to my place, to my house.

She didn’t know where I was.

They started crying. “

When I told them that, they all got very upset.

They started crying.

I thought they were all angry. 

I went to their house and told them what happened.”

After the family reported her to the police, the police contacted the scamsters. The family

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