‘I’ll get to the point’: Man sentenced to life in prison for murder of former wife in Lahore

A Lahore court has sentenced a man to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife.

Kabul, Afghanistan, February 10, 2018The court on Wednesday sentenced Mohammad Qari Qayyum, 53, to life for the December 2016 murder of Shabir Qari, who was his wife’s sister.

“This court sentenced him to life to serve the rest of his life in jail for the crime of murder and murder conspiracy,” said a statement issued by the prosecution.

The court also imposed a fine of R5 million on Qari and a Rs2 million fine on his wife for their part in the killing.

The court said Qari had confessed to the murder and his confession was made at the request of the prosecution, which was his responsibility.

The prosecution said that the killing was committed by the two of them after the couple got into an argument.

“We will prove that they did not get along with each other,” the statement said.

On February 10 the family filed a petition in the Lahore High Court seeking the death penalty.

Qari and his wife divorced in 2013.

The couple was married in 2007 but they had split up two years later.

They were divorced after two years and the couple remarried two years ago.

In February 2017, Qari’s wife filed a complaint with the Lahor police, alleging physical and sexual abuse of their four children.

The case was registered in the police station in March 2017 and the woman said she had filed the complaint after Qari made threats against her.

The police then contacted the court and sought the death sentence.

The woman told the court that she had been beaten by Qari.

She also alleged that the accused had threatened to kill her and her children, if she didn’t accept his demands.

Qari’s lawyer, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, told the Lahori Express that Qari denied the charges and sought a pardon.

The murder case has been handed over to the Lahora district court.

After the case was transferred to the district court, the Lahors government decided to impose the sentence on Qarari.

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