How to be the ultimate MLM victim in India

A month ago, I started to worry about my family.

After the death of my mother, I had been in a very bad state.

I couldn’t go to school, I couldn´t take any rest.

Even the house that I had rented had been taken by the police.

The only thing I had left was my laptop, and I had no idea how to get it.

I could barely get a job.

All of a sudden, I was being told that I was going to be working in an MLM company and that I could start from zero.

I was in shock.

This is not normal.

MLM companies are very secretive, very secretive and it is not uncommon for them to say that it is only a small number of people are involved in each company.

I don´t know how to explain it to anyone.

I didn´t want to leave my house, and the police told me that I would be killed if I didn’t do what they said.

My brother-in-law was the one who got me to go to work, but he told me to do my work as soon as I was given a job offer.

I went to work with the company for a week, and was told that it was a two-year contract.

I felt like I was losing my job, but I had a plan.

I would get my salary in full and I would do all my work.

At the end of the two years, I would return home, take a holiday and start all over again.

I decided to work for an MLMS company and started working at a house.

That was it.

The next day, I went home, got my laptop and started doing what I had done in the past.

It didn´te lie there, and everything went on the path that I expected it to.

I received the first payment, and after that, the company made more payments.

I had all the money in my bank account.

But I was not happy.

There was no job, no money, nothing.

I kept wondering if it was all a scam.

MLMs are illegal in India, and it took me two years to get a refund.

What happened next was even more frustrating.

I came across a company called Bali-Bali, which advertised the MLM as a safe, safe place to work.

I applied and was accepted.

I got a contract and started.

I worked in a factory in Bengaluru for three years.

Then I left to go back to my home country and start my own business.

I wanted to get my job back, but the MLMs told me I had to start over from zero, that I couldn`t be paid any more.

They said that if I wanted more money, I should come back to India.

That is when I decided I would try my luck.

So I started working for a new company, and started to earn money again.

After a year, I left for the US.

Then a friend told me about this company and I decided that I wanted a second chance.

I started another MLM.

I paid in full.

I put in my application and started the new job.

It wasn´t the same, but things started going in the right direction.

The first year was better.

I earned a lot of money.

Then the company started charging me more and more.

I stopped paying and began to work from home.

This company started to take more and More of my money, so I began to worry.

I asked myself: how can I get my money back?

This was going on for three or four years.

Every time, they started charging more and bigger fees.

I tried to make payments but I couldnât make payments.

At one point, they told me: “We have heard your story, and we are going to kill you”.

So, I called the company and asked to be transferred to another company, but they said that I should go to a new place and start over again from scratch.

I called this new place, and asked the management to send me to the other place.

The management told me the company is a big one, and that the CEO would send me directly.

I left the new place.

I stayed there for a month.

I did all my research, and found out that the MLMS are legal in India.

I became one of the most trusted MLMs.

Then my company went bankrupt.

I thought: what the hell is going on?

But it was too late.

My MLM went bankrupt after I was fired for the second time.

I found out the next day that I wasn´ti even in the company.

MLMS companies are banned in India and it takes about three months for MLMs to recover their money.

It took me about a year to recover my money and start up again.

This was not easy, but it was the best thing I could do for myself and my family,

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