Which is the best game for young people to play?

On a sunny day in December, 18-year-old Sarah Welsch is standing outside her apartment in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, with her two sisters.

The house is a half-acre patch of land on the shores of Lake Michigan, and the water is just off shore.

Welsbauer, the youngest, has spent most of her life in Wisconsin, her parents say.

Welsch and her sisters are part of a group of kids who are attending a school called Waupunahr High School, in the small town of Wauworth, in western Wisconsin.

It’s a community of mostly older adults, and many of them have been there since the 1970s.

They’re part of the first wave of new residents who came to the region from places like Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Boston.

They’re also part of an unprecedented surge in immigration to the Midwest, as people from the U.S. and around the world have moved to towns and cities in Wisconsin.

But there are also people who aren’t here.

Walsch and the others have never met them.

And yet they’ve seen the same things.

In the late 1960s, the Milwaukee Public School system started to teach kids about environmental awareness.

The kids at the school didn’t understand what that meant, and they wanted to learn about the environment.

They wanted to be like the environmentalists.

They wanted to understand why it was important to clean up the environment, and why it should be protected.

It was an important moment in the school’s history.

It gave us the tools to make that change happen, said Walschews father, Ron Welschews.

But it was also the beginning of a new trend, in which students began learning about politics.

By the mid-1970s, Wilschs family was paying more attention to environmental issues than to other things.

But then she started reading books about children’s books.

The idea for the Wilschews was to do something to help students develop better social skills and understand the world around them.

“The idea was to make it so that they had an opportunity to develop those skills as well as how to think and talk to their parents and grandparents,” Welschenks father said.

And they have.

Sarah Wilscher and her siblings grew up in Wisconsin before moving to Chicago, where Ron Wilsches is a city council member.

Ron Wolschews first brought his kids to Milwaukee for a weekend, when his wife, Lori, and other family members went to the Milwaukee Convention Center for a convention.

They were there to watch a movie.

That weekend, Welscher’s sister and Wilsher’s parents drove them to the mall to pick up some books for the kids to read.

But in Wisconsin they were doing the opposite.

Wilschers family and Welschelts own a small house in Wausau, and when Wilschelts family moved in, the children started doing the same thing.

They stopped going to school and started watching the television, Walschers mother said.

In 1974, the Welschers moved back to Wisconsin, to Milwaukee, and Wleschelts kids were taken to a local school, Wauswies.

In 1976, Sarah Wlescher was 11.

“We just didn’t feel safe,” Wleschs mother recalled.

Wilschel’s brother, who had just graduated from the same high school, also lived in Milwaukee.

But he had been a student there for five years, so Wilsbachs parents asked the district to remove him.

“I think they were concerned about what they perceived to be his political beliefs,” Wilschenks mother said, “and I think they thought we were going to put him out there.”

Instead, Wolschels brother got the opportunity to become an astronaut, the only American to go to space.

He landed safely on the space shuttle Discovery in 1986, and he’s gone on to become a father and a successful entrepreneur.

Wolsbach’s family still lives in Wilsbauer.

Wieschels children still go to Wausworth High School.

And Wilsby’s parents still teach there.

But the Walschels don’t get along well.

Wlschels parents, who own a hardware store in Walsworth, worry that Wilsbeck is too close to his older sister.

Wolschel’s family believes that the Wauswalters are the reason why Wilsbells brother and his parents aren’t involved in the community.

The Wilsbers are the ones who want to know how their brother and the Wakses feel about things, said Lori Wilsbels, Sarah’s mother.

But that doesn’t sit well with Welshes family.

The Welsers don’t think their brother is the kind of person that they want to have around.

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