How to be a better MLM recruiter: ‘I think a lot of people think we just recruit people based on what they look like’

With its recent acquisition of Indian mobile app platform Mobi, the world’s largest mobile app developer, Indian mobile game maker, and Indian game company, Mobi has decided to change its recruitment practices to focus on hiring professionals who can help customers succeed.

“The app has helped us hire a lot more people than we would have otherwise,” Mobi CEO and founder Sankar Dharmeshwaran said.

“In our recent interview, I talked to about a quarter of our people were MLM professionals.”

With the app, MBIM is offering the opportunity to recruit for jobs, and Dharmashwaran says he’s been very happy with the way the app has changed his recruiting strategy.

“I’ve hired people who were on the front line of a huge change in the industry,” Dharmaswaran told IGN.

“We’ve hired more people who are MLM pros, and more people from India.”

He added that he thinks the MLM community has grown more aware of the app over the past few years, and has become more willing to recruit people.

MBIMs job board is also helping Mobi gain a better understanding of the Indian tech scene and its needs.

The company also said that the app is helping to build up a better working relationship with Indian tech companies and local players in the Indian app industry.

“Our team here is made up of more than 100 MLM professional, software engineers, and engineers.

We are now a really strong working relationship between our MLM team and these companies,” Dharma said.

Mobi said it’s going to be more than a job board, and it’s not just about jobs.

“People can now get to know the company through the app and interact with our team, and also get information about the industry they are looking to enter,” Dhamal said.

While it has started using the app for job postings, the company says it is also looking to use it as a recruitment tool for developers and the app’s creators.

“MBIM will continue to make the app even better for job seekers.

The app is a great way for us to hire talented talent, and to be able to work with them as they are building a company,” Dhharmashwarani said.

For more information on how to find a job at MBIMS, check out our MBIMTabs article.

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